First day wrap up!

Hello my most excellent support team!

We are all here safe and sound in Wisconsin at an awesome resort getting ready to tackle a full summer of mission teams from churches all over the U.S.
It’s incredible getting to know 60+ peers and just seeing a collective passion for serving others, regardless of location. Internet and phone availability is solid here, but when we get to Mississippi blog posts will be limited likely to once of week due to lack of internet at the host church.

Each blog I post I will also include things I will be praying for. If you wouldn’t mind lifting them up occasionally as well that would be so awesome! I am convinced that prayer is one of the most valuable privileges we received from God and that it is extremely powerful. Frankly, it’s what got me here! So there can NEVER be too much prayer.

+ my grandfather had quadruple bypass surgery on his heart yesterday, continued healing, comfort, trust and safety in this time
+ staying humble
+ team unity, really getting to know one another and just straight up loving each other
+ staying on top of my materials and preparations for sermons
+ that everyone would not hear me, but only Christ when I speak.
+ that I would reflect Christ in all ways, not just in teaching but in my physical life walk

Thanks! Know you are loved, all they way from Wisconsin


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