What’s in a Name

One of the greatest quotes I ever learned in a class was the Latin phrase “fides quaerens intellectum,” which means “faith seeking understanding.” The popular motto was originally coined by Saint Anselm, otherwise known as Anselm of Canterbury. He was a Christian philosopher and theologian during the 11th century and the phrase itself came to be known for its many, possibly-loaded meanings.

“Faith for Anselm is more a volitional state than an epistemic state: it is love for God and a drive to act as God wills. In fact, Anselm describes the sort of faith that “merely believes what it ought to believe” as “dead.” (Monologian 78) So “faith seeking understanding” means something like “an active love of God seeking a deeper knowledge of God.”¹

At this stage in my life, I pursue “an active love of God seeking a deeper knowledge of God.” It is uncanny to think that the motto I embraced, of which the definition I did not know, would be the very way I am defining my future today. Currently, I am attending Fuller Theological Seminary to obtain a Masters of Divinity. It is through my love for God and passion for teaching and preaching that I seek a deeper understanding of God.

This blog, first and foremost, is simply meant to glorify Christ. Its secondary purpose then, is to update you–my incredible support who is investing in and interested in what God does with me! This is such an incredible honor. I will be posting updates throughout my travels and schooling. My absolute hope is that your faith would be confirmed, affirmed, built up, strengthened, encouraged, or maybe even convicted like mine through all of these experiences I share and all the truths I learn. 

Holy Spirit, I ask that you guide the following words on this entire site to be faithful to your incomprehensible presence. May they be rooted in scripture, and saturated with truth. Lord, have mercy on my iniquities and forgiveness for my transgressions. Despite my youth, may these words contain inherent wisdom, relevant to every generation. Let them not lack the certainties or the mysteries of Your glorious Gospel. In the name of Christ, we shout, Amen. 


¹ 2.1 “Faith Seeking Understanding”: The character and purpose of Anselm’s theistic proofs <http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/anselm/>


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